Sex Positions You Can Use with Your Sex Doll

One of the most exciting moments in every sex doll owner’s life is the first time takes his new doll out of the shipping container. It’s finally time for him to get to know his knew product… and experience her as she was meant to be experienced. But a sex doll can’t tell you how best to have sex with her. Unless you want to experiment and figure it out on your own, it’s in your best interests to do a little homework as to how best to enjoy your new purchase. Your sex doll is a fairly simple, straightforward device for personal intimacy, but we have assembled here some personal tips and tricks that will put you on the path to the most sexual gratification and fulfillment. First, the Prep Work One of the things you’ll want to do is make sure you have on hand the things you’ll need both to have sex with your sex doll, but also to clean up afterwards. If you ejaculate inside your sex doll, you’ll want to clean her openings after each use with mild antibacterial soap and warm water. (Don’t use scalding hot water; heat is not good for the silicone flesh of your sex doll). After each use, you’ll also want to wipe down your sex doll’s silicone skin with a clean, absorbent cloth. Make sure to wipe her down gently, as you don’t want to abrade the sensitive silicone that makes up her skin. In order to have sex with your sex doll, you’ll also need plenty of silicone-safe lubricant. Not only does this guarantee that the sex with your doll will be pleasurable and comfortable, but it also ensures that you won’t damage the doll when you use her. Trying to go at your silicone sex doll “dry” could easily damage the silicone, and once that damage is done, there’s not much you can do to repair the doll. Incidentally, if your doll does incur damage, don’t try to fix the problem yourself. Contact us and let us know what happened and we’ll point you in the right direction as far as the best possible solution. Make very sure the lubricant you use for your sex doll is safe for silicone, because if you use the wrong kind, it will start to attack your doll’s openings and the surface of her skin. You may also want to have condoms on hand. Use a non-spermicidal, non-lubricated condom, and apply silicone-safe lubricant to that condom. This is not to protect you because of course you can’t make your sex doll pregnant or catch anything from her. Using a condom simply makes it easier for you to clean up afterwards. It prevents the buildup of deposits in the doll itself that will have to be cleaned, and generally makes for a much neater session with your doll. If you don’t like condoms, of course, this step is optional, but we encourage you to consider it in order to speed up cleanup and to facilitate ongoing upkeep and maintenance. Some sex doll owners will go so far as to warm up their dolls buy wrapping them in an electric blanket. This will make her feel more real, but always be careful with heat. Heat is bad for silicone, so never expose your doll to an open flame, to the hot air from a hair dryer or similar appliance, or anything else that gets too hot too fast. Keep it gentle and warm her up slowly. You could even snuggle under the blanket with her as a way of getting you both revved up and ready to go. Do NOT submerge your doll in water regardless of the temperature, and never put her in a hot tub. That’s not good for her. Having Sex With Your Sex Doll Sex with your doll is whatever you want it to be. She will never say no, she will never balk at anything you’d like to try, and she will always be ready and willing to go as often or as seldom as you are. The only thing to remember is that you can’t position your doll in such a way that she supports herself, because her internal skeleton isn’t strong enough to hold her up. You will therefore have to put her in the position you want her. Remember, she’s as heavy as an actual person, so it’s not easy or fast to move her around. You’ve got to be gentle with her. Before you enter her, apply silicone-safe lubricant to her openings, making sure to get some down inside the channel of the opening, and also to your penis (use more if you are wearing a condom, but use some regardless). You can sit her up in a chair or, ideally, in the crook of a sofa to use her mouth opening. This is great You can choose to lay her on her back for classic missionary position, which is a great way to enjoy your doll. She can rest easily on her back and you can pound away to your heart’s content. This position also gives you access to her mouth and her chest if you’d like to try some variations, switch openings, fondle her, and so on. You can lay her down on her side and spoon up next to her on your side as well, too. This allows you access to both her vaginal and anal openings and does not require you to support yourself above her. Any position that requires you to support her weight above your body will not work. You will find it uncomfortable and it will be awkward at best. Finally, for full, deep access to her anal opening, you can prop her doggy style on the end of a couch or on the side of the bed so that you can enter her from behind. This can be very satisfying, but you have to be careful she doesn’t slide backwards off and onto the floor.




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