Discreet Shipping

We ship each and every product in discreet packaging meaning there are no signs or markings on the outside of the box indicating anything related to sex products. There are plenty of reasons you might not want someone to know you’ve purchased a sex doll. These extend beyond the obvious concern for your privacy. After all, there will be those who don’t understand your choice to purchase a personal intimacy device of this quality. It’s better that you keep your sex doll your business, and we understand completely your need for confidentiality. When you purchase from us, you can trust that your sex doll will arrive safely and efficiently in a discreet, unmarked carton. The return address will not give any indication of the contents.

While we are first and foremost protecting your privacy, there’s another reason we take such pains to ship your product to you discreetly: security. Your sex doll is valuable. It is a high quality product for which you have paid your hard earned money. We’ve found that discreet, unmarked packaging reduces the chances of theft and tampering when shipping out our products. For that reason, we take pains to make sure the goods you receive from us will ship “under the radar” and attract as little attention as possible.





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