How to Use and Maintain Sex Dolls

If you’ve never used or owned a high quality silicone sex doll before, it’s understandable if you’re a little intimidated by the process. You may simply be curious how best to care for your doll, which represents, in some cases, a fairly significant investment. Even the new generation of very affordable silicone sex doll imports commands an asking price that, while a fraction of what premium dolls cost, is still enough money that you would miss it if you wasted it. is happy to provide you with a complete set of guidelines for using and maintaining your sex doll in order to extend its useful life. Follow these guidelines to get the most out of your high quality silicone sex doll. Don’t Forget the Silicone-Safe Lubricant You can’t have sex with your sex doll without first using plenty of silicone-safe lubricant. Apply the lubricant to your penis and to her mouth, anus, or vaginal opening. This will not only allow you to stroke in and out of her to the perfect climax, but it also prevents damage to the doll itself. We’re not kidding: Attempting to use your sex doll “dry” will actually rip and rupture the silicone “flesh” of the doll. It’s also pretty uncomfortable, so we’re not sure why anyone would do it, but take that under advisement. Be Mindful of Bacterial Build-Up Properly maintained, your sex doll is remarkably safe. If you don’t take proper care of her and keep her clean, however, you run the risk of her developing bacterial build-up. That build-up could end up giving you a urinary tract infection in extreme cases. Now, things would have to get pretty nasty for that to be the case, but you can avoid all of that by keep the doll properly clean. Never use harsh chemical cleaners to clean your sex doll. This can damage the silicone. You want to use just mild antibacterial soap with warm water (never hot water; just warm). Be gentle as you move a clean, damp cloth over her silicone skin. One thing you never want to do is completely submerge her or her head, however, even if you want to clean her hair. Use the same damp, gentle wiping method to clean her hair, then comb or brush it. Your sex doll’s wig can also be cleaned with a very mild shampoo and conditioner, if needed. Let the wig hang dry or dry in place, but never try to dry it. You can damp at it with a towel if that helps a little. Again, never submerge the doll’s head or hair in water, as this is not good for it. Your sex doll should never end up in a hot tub or other container of water, nor should you ever dry her off with anything but a clean towel. Using a hairdryer, for example, could melt the silicone. Wipe your sex doll down gently and let her air dry if she’s still damp. Safer Sex Means Easier Cleanup of Your Doll One thing you can do to facilitate easier cleanup and maintenance of your sex doll is to use condoms when you have sex with her, Now, you don’t have to do this, but it sure does make keeping her clean a lot easier. If you ejaculate inside her, you’ll need to make sure to clean the mouth opening, the vaginal opening, and the anal opening after every use with mild antibacterial soap and warm water. If you just keep her clean, you’ll never have anything to worry about it. That’s why using condoms is such a great idea. It speeds cleanup and prevents problems from developing. Water and mild antibacterial soap can be used for cleaning purposes when cleansing the skin, but always use a sparing amount and always be gentle when physically cleaning the surface skin of your doll. Remember, use only a silicone-safe lubricant. All other lubricants can damage the doll’s skin. If things get particularly wild, remember that while sex with your sex doll is free of risk of disease, if you and a friend share the doll, you could conceivably transfer something from one of you to the other. Two people having sex with the same sex doll are essentially having sex with each other. Avoiding Accessory Damage and Environmental Hazards Ultraviolet radiation can damage your doll’s silicone flesh just like heat and abrasion can. Never put your doll in a char by a window on a sunny day, or underneath an open sunroof. You never want her sitting in the sun, baking in the UV rays. This will not usually be a problem because most sex dolls spend their time indoors in the bedroom, but it’s something to consider if you travel with her. One of the primary attractions of a full-size silicone sex doll is that you can dress her up in sexy outfits and lingerie that you find sexy and stimulating. You do need to be careful, though, about the clothes themselves. Since you’re not wearing the clothes, you might not immediately notice if color from those clothes starts to transfer. When clothing your doll, always make sure the clothing does not transfer color to her skin. Consider pre-washing everything in which you’re going to dress your doll so that you can try to prevent color transfer and identify fabric that tends to bleed. Other substances to avoid include sheets from magazines, newsprint, and anything else that can transfer ink or other dyes to your doll’s relatively fragile, oh-so-realistic silicone skin. Because the skin can be abraded relatively easily, make sure any jewelry you dress her up in doesn’t have any sharp edges or other rough parts that could damage her. Remember when you pose her that she should be upright and lying at full length most of the time. You can bend and pose her, yes, but you don’t want to leave her bent at unusual angles because it’s not good for the internal skeleton that holds her together.




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