Congratulations, you’ve found the best sex dolls on the planet! Our solid sex dolls are ready, willing, and waiting for you to explore them, for you to enjoy them, for you to touch them, and for you to love them. Take a look through the selection of sex dolls we offer. Our products will vary slightly because of minor variations in the manufacturing process, but each and every one of our full sized sex dolls is the weight, size, and feel of a petite adult woman. Simply put, you will not find a more realistic reproduction of a woman than you will on these pages. When you buy one of these great sex doll reproductions from us, you’re not just buying quality. You’re buying companionship. Do you long to have someone to come home to? We completely understand, and we’re here to help. If you have any questions about our products, their features, the manufacturing process, or anything else related to what we do here, just let us know. We are on hand to help you at all times. Our staff is not just knowledgeable and friendly, but many of them are also sex doll owners just like you are or just like you are hoping to be. We live and breathe what we do here. Don’t be afraid to ask us questions. We would rather you asked so you can be absolutely sure about your purchase before you make it. We strive in all things to manage expectations so that you know what you are getting and can better manage what you receive.

Your sex doll will ship to you in discreet packaging through one of several parcel delivery services that we use, depending on what is most efficient and cost effective for you. Nothing on the outside of your packaging will indicate what you are receiving, nor are there any pictures or other art on the outside of the box. To the outside world, you have just received a large package. Only you know what wonderful joys lie inside to be explored and experimented with. And we certainly do encourage you to experiment! That’s one of the joys of a sex doll. Because our dolls are so affordable, you can buy one, see if it suits you, play around with it, and even buy another one if you’re very happy with your purchase. That’s something we think you should consider when you make your purchase. Consider setting things up so that you own more than one lovely sex doll. If you’ve ever dreamed of being with twins and that remains a fantasy for you, buy two of the same model. They won’t be exactly alike. There will be enough variations that you’ll be able to tell them apart, just like real twins. And then you can put them both in your bed and enjoy the sexy twin fantasy you have always dreamed of. That’s just one example, though. Now is the time to experiment with buying multiple sex dolls. Now is the time to have the bevy of beautiful babes surrounding you that you have always wanted. You should have such problems: your biggest dilemma would be to figure out where to have them all sit or lie down when you’re not using them.

Our business is built on honesty, integrity, and an earnest desire to see to it that our clients are treated the way we would want to be treated. That’s why it’s important for you to know that we, like you, have embraced the sex doll lifestyle. We appreciate your business because we are also buyers and lovers of sex dolls. We think sex dolls represent the next logical step in relationships for people in the modern world. When women are increasingly more favored than men within society, and when men are leaving urban areas in order to find themselves in more rural environments, it stands to reason that both sexes are trying to “find themselves.” Well, we believe you, as a man, will find your best option for female companionship in the form of a sex doll from Shop with us and know that when you buy one of our products, you are not just getting a very advanced sex toy. Our sex dolls are more than that. They perform that function, yes, but they are also very realistically a means of companionship. Your sex doll can keep you company when you are lonely. It can make you happy when you are sad. It can expand your sexual horizons. It can also free you from traditional relationships. For all these reasons, our sex dolls can free you from whatever you’re dealing with from a relationship perspective and make you a more effective, more independent human being.

What To Use Your Sex Doll For

There are a number of reasons why a healthy, horny man would choose to purchase a sex doll from Shopadoll. There are multiple reasons to use our dolls for sexual gratification. The first of these is simply because you are a very sexual man. You might even be what is considered “hypersexual.” This means that you need sex more often than “normal” people. You need sex so much, in fact, that even though you may have regular girlfriends, or frequently pick up one night stands, you are still not getting enough sex to satisfy you. This may or may not be considered a “sex addiction,” and if you are truly suffering from an addiction to sex, you might want to seek treatment for that. But we cater to a wide audience of hypersexual men who, while they are able to find and bed living women, supplement their “live” conquests with one of our sex dolls (or more than one, if they are very kinky or keen to live out a fantasy) to keep them going through the relative dry spells. Our sex dolls are the perfect way to pick up the slack, so to speak, so that you can have as much sex as possible.

We are not here to judge you. That’s important and we want you to understand that. Sex dolls, for us, represent a lifestyle that makes everything better for the men who embrace this lifestyle. Sex dolls free you from traditional relationships, free you from “terminal horniness,” make it possible for you take back your sex life on your terms, and make it possible for you to gratify yourself as much as you want. We think these are laudable goals. It’s unfortunate that not every man has heard of our service and thus not every man knows to avail himself of it. We would like to spread the word as much as possible. If you know someone who could benefit from a sex doll, we hope you’ll let him know to come visit us online. There is nothing we love more than to meet new people, especially when they have been referred by satisfied customers. Let your friends know about us, especially if you have friends who would like to start living their lives on their own terms. Don’t be beholden to your need for sex or your desire for female companionship any longer. You can have both of these things, when and how you want them, when you come to us and buy one of our sex dolls.

Each and every sex doll is a wonder to behold. Each one will make you believe that it is possible to pay just a fraction of the cost of a top of the line sex doll, just a portion of what you would pay for a name brand, and get a product that is absolutely as good as what is being offered for thousands of dollars. You don’t have to break the bank to get a great sex doll, and you don’t have to be in a relationship with a woman to get the kind of action, the kind of gratification, and the kind of companionship that make a man happy. There is only one way for you to get what you truly need. You may have tried other sites, but now it’s time to shop with We will prove to you time and time again how much better we are than other suppliers… and we will have more fun doing it., You are a remarkably worthwhile person and we want to serve you and treat you as you deserve to be treated. Your pleasure is our business, and our business exists to serve your needs. Contact us today to get started.

What You Do Want in a High Quality Sex Doll

Simply put, there are a lot of sex toys and sex dolls on the market. There are also a lot of sex toys masquerading as sex doll alternatives. This confuses things and makes the market kind of difficult to interpret at times. It also gluts the offerings available to consumers and can lead to you buying something that is not useful to you. Of course, what you buy what is not one of our high quality sex dolls might still be a perfectly serviceable sex toy. We just mean that when something is useful to you in this context, it serves the functions that one of our high quality sex dolls offers. But nothing performs like one of our sex dolls fully, which is to say, there is nothing that can serve as a substitute for one of our sex dolls unless you are willing to spend several thousand dollars on a top of the line, name brand love doll from a competitor company.

So what are you looking for in a sex doll? It might be more accurate to ask yourself why you want access to a sex doll at all. After all, most people are capable of having sex with real people, even if the circumstances of those couplings aren’t ideal. You could, if you put the time and effort in, or if you just devoted enough money to the problem, find a woman or a professional and have sex with her to fulfill your need for sex and companionship. It might be expensive and there might be risks, of course, but overall, why would you choose a sex doll over a living, breathing person? Well, the first and obvious answer is quality. To have sex with a real person, you might have to lower your standards considerably, depending on your own means and appearance. A very handsome man can pretty much write his own ticket when it comes to women. A less attractive man will have to take what he can get, and that means sometimes he will have to settle for women that aren’t very attractive overall. Most men are okay with this exchange and they understand they can’t always “bang out of their league.” But most also aspire to do just that. We all want very hot women. It is just how we are wired.

Our sex dolls are all sculpted and modeled after real women, and those real women were top shelf lookers, each and every one of them. Their bodies and their faces represent precisely the type of girl that a man wants, no matter who he is. You may not be able to find a real woman who looks like this to sleep with you, but when you buy one of our affordable sex dolls, you have a woman that looks like this who is ready to do whatever you want her to do, whenever you want her to do it. In point of fact it’s exactly what it might be like to purchase your very own sex slave. We don’t do that in this day and age and it would be wrong to take anyone prisoner, but your sex doll is not alive. She may seem that way, and you will probably find yourself behaving toward her in ways that seem that way tool She will take on a kind of personality for you. But most importantly, she will be there for you to do whatever you like. So buying one of our sex dolls means being able to have sex with a woman whose body is so incredible that you’ll probably never have such an opportunity in real life.

Buying one of our sex dolls is also more cost effective over the long term. Let’s say you were determined to bed as many women as possible. Well, there’s a shortcut to enable you to do that: It’s called money. The more money you spread around, even with women who are not paid professionals, the greater the chances you’re going to get laid. There are men who post on social media primarily to boast of their lavish lifestyles. They are gamblers and rich inheritors and so on who have tons of money and plenty of free time. They constantly post pictures of themselves with scantily clad women. Now, most of these guys are decent looking, but there’s nothing about them that would draw crowds of half-naked models unless the guys in question were providing some kind of compensation. The women are drawn to money, and if you have lots of money, you can definitely get lots of girls to hang out with you. Some of them will eventually let you take them to bed. That’s just how these things work.

This strategy, while workable, is not terribly cost effective. Sooner or later you will run out of money and then the party will be over. Also, models drawn to wealth and power tend to be among the most fleeting of female companions. You will not be able to maintain this type of lifestyle for very long. So what happens then? Where will you go and what will you when your bevy of beauties gets a better offer? It’s embarrassing enough now, with famous social media personalities holding little snarky wars of images with each other, each trying to outdo the other with even more sexy pictures, even more expensive cars, even more lavish meals. It wouldn’t be in your best interests to buy into that culture even if you were in a position to avail yourself of it. For our purposes, we will assume you don’t have the kind of money it would take to do more than stick your toe in that world.

What buying a sex doll from us does is give you that sexy female companion full time, at one low cost. It is very inexpensive, relatively, to bring just one incredibly sexy babe into your home in the form of one of our sex dolls. Once she’s there in your home, you can enjoy her to your heart’s content. She is cost-effective because you pay for her once and then you keep her forever… or as long as she holds up and doesn’t bore you. You will find that our peers in this adult entertainment industry share our feelings on this matter. It’s better to have a single sexy lady at your beck and call than to have an army of them that could disappear at any moment. So, first and foremost, your sex doll performs a very vital function in giving you access to a tier of woman, to a level of sexual gratification, that you could not achieve on your own. Are you ready for sex the way you have always dreamed it could be? Have you always thought about putting your hand on a beautiful woman’s taut stomach, squeezing her firm, round ass, fondling her breasts, and taking her into your bed to do with her whatever you want? That’s the fantasy that you can live out when you purchase our sex dolls. And if your fantasy extends to multiple women, our prices are low enough that you can afford to buy more than one of our dolls at the same time, to surround yourself in luxury and fantasy in a true “harem” setting.

So many men dream of having a lovely lady to call their own. So many men never really try to fulfill this dream. Isn’t it time you fulfilled your dreams? Isn’t it time you finally stopped procrastinating and actually just acquired the sex doll that will make all of this happen? It’s not an insignificant sum of money, but it’s not a large sum either. Almost anyone can afford it, making our sex dolls accessible to the public at large. We want to help the men of the world. We want you to get what you have always desired. We want you to have the fantasies that have held you in your grip for years, and live out those fantasies to the fullest extent you can manage. You could say we are in the fantasy fulfillment industry, that we make dreams come true. But there is another aspect to what we do, one that revolves around helping people. We are a service as much as we are a business, and we are keenly aware that our sex doll products help out men around the world.

Some of the people who buy our products, you see, aren’t hypersexual. They are merely men with healthy sex drives who need to find a way to shore up a sex life that is flagging, or to fix a very specific relationship problem. Take, for example, a man whose partner simply isn’t as interested in him as he would like her to be. He doesn’t want to leave her, but he does want to be able to have sex more regularly. He doesn’t want to be a cheater, either. So what can he do? Why, he can purchase one of our sex dolls and find ways to bolster his flagging sex life with one of the most beautiful simulations of a woman he will ever be with. All you have to do is select the woman who most turns you on. We say “woman” and not “doll” in this context because each and every one of our dolls is based on a real woman who licensed her image to us. Which one is the sexiest to you? Which one would you like to take back to your hotel or into your bed at home? That’s right; some of our sex dolls are used for lonely men who take very extensive and very lengthy business trips. Imagine always having a hot lady to take trips with you, to go away with you wherever you happened to go. That’s a reality we could easily bring about without breaking your budget. You should think about it, now, while you have the opportunity.

Still another service we offer through our sex dolls is sexual gratification for the handicapped, and also for couples who are having health problems. Think about it. You are a young, healthy man in a committed long term relationship or marriage. Your wife or girlfriend gets sick. You don’t want to leave her, and you want to stay faithful to her. But you also have sexual needs, and she is understanding of this. While you nurse her through that illness, whatever it may be (and here we’re thinking something that lasts quite some time but eventually ends on a positive note), you have one of our incredibly sexy love dolls to enjoy. Our sexy dolls are also a way to spice up a relationship whose participants are thinking they would like to try a threesome. Threesomes are pretty complicated things, socially speaking. It’s too easy for people to get upset if everyone involved is not completely uninhibited. Eventually, someone gets humiliated, jealous, or otherwise upset, and things go badly. A marriage probably shouldn’t be expected to withstand the stress of a threesome unless both participants are wildly oversexed or just not that committed to the marriage. The same is true of a long-term relationship. But you and your lady could introduce into your bedroom one of our sex dolls. This requires no violation of your commitment to each other and will not cause any far reaching problems, but it could indeed give you the fantasy of a lifetime.

Your significant other might find it extremely hot to watch you having sex with “another woman” when that other woman comes in the form of one of our completely safe, guilt-free, unattached sex dolls. And of course another aspect of our sex dolls is that they are completely and one hundred percent safe for all involved. You never have to worry about catching sexually transmitted diseases from any experimenting you do with one of our sex dolls. It’s completely safe sex with no strings attached. You couldn’t ask for a better arrangement, and you couldn’t ask for a scenario more oriented toward sexual exploration and experimentation.

Yet another way our sex dolls can help you is if you are disabled or, in extreme cases, if you suffer from some form of communicable disease or ailment. Obviously, if it was possible for someone to catch something from you when you had sex with them, you wouldn’t want to have sex with a living person out of respect for their health. And depending on whatever it was that was wrong with you, you might not have many takers to have sex with you in the first place. Buying one of our sex doll not only protects the public at large, but gives you access to a woman, in the form of a sex doll, who is sexier than you’re ever likely to manage to pull in real life. And if you’re disabled and it’s difficult for you to have sex with a “real” woman, or to attract a real woman, our sex dolls give you a chance to have an active, healthy sex life at your pace. These are all among the many reasons that our sex dolls are so useful, so helpful, and so popular.

Our sex dolls are solid with an internal skeleton that makes it possible for them to hold together. They cannot stand up on their own, but you can prop them up in chairs, on sofas, and of course in your bed. When you are looking for a sex doll, you want a high quality model, not something that has been slapped together and which looks and feels cheap. Always trust to bring you high quality items that you can trust. Never settle for lesser products, especially sex toys that toys that aren’t sex dolls at all. Let’s run down, here on the shopping page, the list of items that are inferior to our high quality sex dolls, and why.

What You Don’t Want and Why You Don’t Want It

You definitely want to stay away from anything that is just a masturbation sleeve. You get all this and more when you purchase one of our sex dolls. Each one of them has a textured anus, a textured mouth, and a textured vagina that, together with a safe lubricant, you can use to give yourself mind-blowing orgasms. You can really go to town when you do her face, for example. After all, she’s full size and she’s everything a woman should be. Take her into a nice quiet corner and start enjoying her. This contrasts sharply to the masturbation sleeve, which is an inferior product. Yes, it’s nice as far as it goes, and there are some really high quality models on the market. Take all the marketing out of the equation, though, and set aside the cost of materials. What you are holding is basically just the vagina unit from one of our sex dolls. It just isn’t as attractive and requires you to use a lot more of your imagination for it to provide you with any real pleasure. Is that what you’re looking for? We don’t think it is. There is a time and a place for masturbation sleeves, but they aren’t what you are looking for in a sex doll. Our sex dolls have the real features that make them simulated women in all their glory. Our dolls have all the detail that will turn you on just by looking at them. If you don’t believe us, take a look through their pages. Tell us these girls don’t turn you on. Tell us when you see these pictures you aren’t thinking about what it will feel like to touch the dolls.

Elsewhere on these pages we mentioned a subcategory of masturbation sleeves that are designed to look like people, say, a woman presenting her anus and vagina for you to penetrate. These are really no bigger than masturbation sleeves, though, so it’s the sleeve itself and some material on the outside that makes it look like some kind of miniature prisoner you’re about to violate. Most people don’t find this very attractive, especially when the size of the sleeve makes it downright creepy. As limited as masturbation sleeves are, attempts to make them seem like you are having sex with a real person are doomed to fail because the manufacturers haven’t put forth the requisite amount of energy into making the product actually appealing. That lack of pride in your workmanship is a real problem, and one of the reasons we feel so strongly about avoiding products like these. But we are only just getting started on our list of things to avoid.

Another sex toy that is bound to leave you dissatisfied, and which we mentioned elsewhere on the site, is detached head toys. You might be asking yourself what is sexy about a detached head. Well, usually nothing, especially now that carrying anything that might look like a head carries with it some unpleasant connotations. Yet there exist on the market a number of disembodied heads that are basically masturbation sleeves molded to look like mouths, inside larger lumps of silicone. Apart from trying to make these sleeves look like heads, there’s not much point to these devices. They don’t look like real women. They aren’t convincing as detached heads, either, but from a distance, they’re kind of unappealing. The hair on these masturbation devices is usually easily tangled and easily messed up, and manufactured of very poor quality material that turns frizzy and full of static once you take the device out of the box. And to enjoy the sexual experience of this thing, you either have to be okay with an open-ended masturbation sleeve (the back of the head is open to allow access, which means anything can leak out of it) or you have to position the head on a tabletop that is exactly the right height. This means a lot of uncomfortable crouching or even stretching up on your tiptoes. As we’ve said elsewhere, the detached head dummy is simply not a good idea.

One step above the detached head is the partial torso dummy. This looks a lot like the “business parts of a woman.” There is usually a vaginal sleeve, there may be an anal sleeve, and the breasts are there to be fondled. Alternatively, the partial torso dummy might be just a disembodied ass, so that you have the cheeks, the vaginal and anal openings, and not much else. Either way, having sex with only part of a person isn’t very appealing. It is just kind of unpleasant to think about, and it requires you to use a great deal of your information to make the thing seem sex. Is that what you’re looking for in a sexual experience? Is that what you’re going to find gratifying? We don’t think so. A full-bodied sex doll is much more appealing. All the parts are where they should be and the doll can become part of your life, part of your lifestyle. A partial sex dummy is fit only for burying in a shallow grave like the body part that it is. (Just don’t let anyone who sees you doing it get the wrong idea.) Our point is that there is nothing sexy about these. They are an attempt to take the cheap way out by using only as much material as is barely necessary. The result, compared to one of our beautiful sex dolls, is practically grotesque.

Finally, you might choose to avail yourself of a competing sex doll that is basically a fabric doll. Do you really want to get close to a stuffed animal romantically? We don’t think that sounds like a very good idea, but then, we are committed to excellence in sex and personal intimacy. We believe nothing less than the simulation of a beautiful woman will satisfy you. We believe you owe it to yourself, therefore, to settle for nothing less than one of our gorgeous sex dolls today.

Buy Confidently From Us And Always Get Excellent Service

The staff of will work diligently to make sure your order is completed in a timely manner, processed swiftly and efficiently, and shipped to you quickly and discreetly. We will also work hard to address any necessary follow-up questions. We do not simply sell you your product and then abandon you. Our business model is built on the need for repeat customers. Whenever a new customer shops with us, we see that as the start of what is hopefully a long and very satisfying relationship between us. To that end, we will make sure that no matter what, you will want to come back to us again and again. Ideally, we’d like to see all our customers build full-on collections of our sex dolls. Not every discerning customer is looking to do that, but we’d certainly like to encourage it in any man who has ever had a multiple girl fantasy. Regardless of how many sex dolls you’re looking to buy, though, we will make sure a doll of the highest possible quality of workmanship shows up at your door. Taking your sex doll out of the packaging should be a delight, and we wish we could be there to see the look on your face when you do. We are committed to excellence in serving your needs. We focus our client service on you in all things.

We want you to know, and we would like to stress yet again, how seriously we take your privacy and confidentiality. When you place an order with, you can count on us to treat you with total respect and the complete deference for you as a person and as a client. We do not store your data. We will never discuss your purchases with any third party. Your order will ship discreetly and arrive in plain packaging. We also will never reveal client data for personal game.

We understand that, even though our prices for high-quality sex dolls are very, very low, the money we ask for our sex dolls is still not an insignificant sum. It is understandable that before or after your purchase, you may have questions about the product. We are happy to answer these questions for you. We are especially happy to walk you through the process of selecting and purchasing your sex doll because we know how incredibly personal something like this is. When you select a sex doll from our listing pages, you are basically choosing a sexual partner. That partner is going to be spending a lot of time with you. We know how personal and intimate a choice this is. We want to help you make the right choice and purchase the doll that is most perfect for you. We’d like to help you and give you as much assistance as we can. We want you to be so happy when you unpack your product that you can’t stop smiling. We want you so happy that you shop with us again and again. We are prepared to stock a harem for you. Are you prepared to keep that harem growing?

While we are very proud of our sex dolls and we realize that we offer a great value for the price asked, we are never satisfied with something being just good enough to get by. We want everything we do, and every product we offer, to be truly great. We are therefore committed to a process of continuous improvement, through which we incorporate your questions, criticisms, feedback, and our own testing and reviews in order to upgrade our products and the service through which we offer and sell them. Whenever we can identify an area of possible improvement, we do so, and whenever we can find a better way of doing things, we implement that. If you think there is a way we could better serve your needs, or if you identify something about one of our products that you wish was different (even if it’s just an option in which you’re interested that we don’t yet offer), please do contact us. Especially where options are concerned, the more feedback we get from customers, the better we can determine what options we should be offering for our products in order to best serve our market. In other words, we can’t give you what you want most if we don’t know you want it, so if we haven’t already thought of it, we are happy to have you inform us. Just contact us through the site with your question, concern, feedback, or request. We will not always be able to answer directly to every query, but we read them all and we take them all into consideration.

What’s great about our sex dolls is that they provide you everything you want in a sex partner, but nothing you wouldn’t want. What if you could have every single sexual fantasy you have ever wanted, yet never worry about ever being refused? What if you could have everything you have ever desired, in an environment of total acceptance and discretion?

Your sex doll will always be up for whatever sex you’re ready for. Her drives are in sync with your own. She wants what you want. She likes all the same television shows you like, and she will never make you watch anything you don’t want to see. She is not insecure and will never ask you to continually affirm her. She is basically your dream girl. She is a gorgeous high-quality sex doll who looks every bit as good as a breathing, person. Our dolls have been selected for those features that offer the most erotic value. And our sexy ladies will never get a single pound heavier than they are today. They will never be out of shape. They will never be anything but completely fulfilling for you.

You are looking for a sexy lady, and that’s what we have to offer you. Every one of our dolls is tailored to the range of tastes that real men have for sexy, beautiful girls, and all of our ladies are patterned after models whose are sure to fire your desires and stoke your passions. When you buy one of our high-quality, lifelike sex dolls, you are purchasing a sexual fantasy. You are getting an absolutely gorgeous sex doll who will do whatever you ask of her, who will never question you, who will never criticize you, and who will never step out on you. Where is she right now? Why, she’s wherever you left her, and she will always be there for you. Whether you want a sexy lady for wild nights in which you release your passions, or you just want a companion to snuggle up to when you finally go to bed at night, she’s always on hand to please you. Want to wake up with the gorgeous girl of your dreams? Our sex dolls serve that purpose.

Perhaps the greatest and most wonderful fantasy for all men, which unfortunately has also proven unattainable for most, is having a partner who puts him first and who always caters to his desires. Most women simply aren’t capable of this type of devotion, but your sex doll will serve this function for you She will always be there for you, she will always be everything you want her to be, and she will never, ever fail you. And if after a long and healthy life of useful service she does develop some problems, well… You can replace her with a newer, sexier model if you need to. When you buy one of our sex dolls, you’re paying once, getting as much service out of your new girlfriend as you’d like to get, and then dropping her the moment she no longer meets your needs. That’s why we’re here, and we would be happy to see you coming back again and again to upgrade and replace your sex doll.

It’s Time To Admit That Sex Dolls Are Better Than Real Women

Look, simply put, it’s time to admit that sex dolls are better than women. Real women have lots of problems. Real women have lots of issues. Real women don’t treat you right. The average relationship is not pleasant at all for the guy. It’s basically an extended test of his worthiness, one that he must pass each and every day if he wants to be treated nicely. How is that a good deal for anyone? Why should any man tolerate being treated that way? We’ve done the math on this, and we’ve concluded that it simply is not a good deal to try to be the sort of guy who engages in long term relationships. Even short term relationships can be suspect. The better alternative is sex dolls. Our sex dolls provide you with the companionship you want and the sexual gratification you need, but with none of the problems associated with real women. And even though men who purchase sex dolls have been repeatedly maligned in popular culture, the truth is that sex dolls are the better alternative.

Already, work on “sex androids” continues. This means that someday, maybe even someday soon, it will be possible to replace women completely. Given how terrible the average guy’s deal is for the relationships he is in, it’s hard not seeing sex androids become immensely popular very quickly. That’s because every man wants sex, but not every man can find an attractive woman who will be with him… especially if he does not have the qualities that most women want. Should we condemn men who can’t get real women to a lifetime of loneliness? If you look at popular culture’s double standard, we should. Popular culture puts women on a pedestal but denigrates men constantly. Popular culture teaches us that if a man wants to have sex, and he aggressively pursues a woman in an attempt to convince her to be with him, he is “entitled,” or he is “harassing her,” or he is otherwise mistreating her. When did simply trying to make a connection with a woman become something bad and wrong? Why are men constantly treated so badly? And why should the continue accepting the old-fashioned model of dating and relationships if they’re only going to be treated like dirt?

Real women have nothing to offer a man except their bodies. They are not supportive of a man intellectually or emotionally. That sounds like a horribly broad statement until you look at the facts. Half of all marriages, maybe more, end in divorce, and the overwhelming majority of the time, it is the wife who initiates the divorce. Divorce laws are set up to rob men of their money and even make them pay to support their spouses after the divorce, despite the fact that the spouses should be made accountable for supporting themselves. How many couples do you know that broke up when the man showed signs of weakness? Maybe he got fat, maybe he got sick, maybe he lost his job, maybe he had some other problem. But for whatever reason, he demonstrated weakness. Women cannot abide weakness because they are driven by their evolutionary genetics to seek out strong mates who can protect them. This is subconscious, but a throwback to ancient times when cave people competed for resources and for women. The problem with this is that it is hard wired into every woman’s genetic code to abandon a man if he seems weak. Most women will indeed abandon a husband and especially a boyfriend if he suddenly looks like he’s going to need more support than he can provide her.

If a man loses his job, to take just one category of catastrophe that can befall a man, what is the most likely reaction of his girlfriend or his wife? Answer quickly, without thinking about it. If you guessed, “Get angry at him,” you guessed correctly. When a man has lost his job, he is never in greater need of support and encouragement. But most men will tell you that when they got laid off or fired, the thing they feared most was not the fact that they were staring down the barrel of imminent poverty. The thing they feared the most was breaking the news to their unsupportive women, who were sure to wail and complain and criticize, making everything a hundred times worse and heaping stress onto the situation. Given all of this, and the reality of how these dynamics work, you would be foolish ever to rely on a woman for support or strength emotionally or physically. It simply won’t happen for you, her man. She expects you always to be strong and always to take care of her. If you falter, she will start looking around for a replacement. This is a concept called “hypergamy,” which explains that a woman will always try to trade up to a man of higher value, trading on her body and her sexual charms to make her worth that new man’s while. It’s a brutal way to look at the world, but it’s absolutely true. You cannot trust a woman not to leave you or abandon you when things get rough. This isn’t a misogynistic commentary. It is simply the reality of dating and relationships in this modern era.

So what is a woman good for? Every man craves feminine companionship. He has to have it. Even if he knows it isn’t good for him, he wants it. We’ve all had friends who had sex with women those friends knew would later cause trouble. But most men are willingly led around by their genitals. They don’t think through the consequences of their actions or, if they do, they go ahead anyway if getting laid is at stake. This is just part of what it means to be a guy, but it’s a very big part. You have to be with women. You want them. You want to be around them. You’re genetically programmed to this affection just like your woman is genetically programmed to snoop through your affairs, identify weaknesses, and demand to know what you have done for her lately.

All of this sounds unutterably cruel and paints a very negative picture of women, and for that we are sorry. It’s not that there’s anything wrong with women or right with men. It’s simply that evolutionary psychology made this part of the make-up of men and women respectively. Men want to be with women and find their mere presence both comforting and distracting. Men are visually aroused, so the site of any attractive woman will automatically either encourage him or distract him. Women, meanwhile, are driven by the need to protect their offspring, which require enormous amounts of time invested to bring to term. This is all part of the genetic markers driving a woman to always see if she can do better. Much as some people are always changing the radio station to see if there is a song they might like even better, women are always assessing their situation to see if it is stable and to see if they need to jump ship. They will also stay on their ships until an urgent message from the outside world prompts them to switch.

Not a very happy picture of how relationships work, is it? Fortunately, you have’s sex dolls to fill the void. Our sex dolls make it possible for you to get the sexual gratification you want, when and where you want it, however you want it. There is no longer any begging of your woman, no more negotiations, no more favors in return for things you grant, nothing like that. Bringing a sex doll into your home means women no longer have any power over you. You have the sexiest woman you could ever want waiting in your bed. Why would you need the attentions of someone who cannot be faithful and will likely lose interest? You are now immune to female manipulations, which can be many. You have an immense power at your fingertips, because women are quite unaccustomed to having their charms resisted. Try saying “no” to a pretty girl sometime (a habit that becomes easier the more you do it). You’ll be shocked at how she reacts. She’s not used to anyone refusing her, and it will show on her face. She’ll be full of disbelief that a mere mortal, a man, resisted her charms.

Now, we’re not saying you should go your own way and forget about women. After all, you still have that drive. You still want that female companionship. We think you should still be open to the possibility of a real relationship — just on your terms. Why not take command of the situation for a change? Why not be the one in charge? Sure, most women will not like it when they cannot intimidate you or manipulate you, but here’s the funny thing about that: Remember when we said women respect strength? It’s the only thing they respect, in fact. If you demonstrate strength, if you show her you can’t be controlled or kept down, then she won’t be repelled by your act of independence. Quite the opposite of it, in fact: She will be intrigued and impressed. Women most desire men they know they cannot control. When they encounter men they can easily manipulate and control, they use those men for what they can get from them and then they develop contempt for them. That’s why bowing, groveling, and bending over backwards for an unreasonable girlfriend or wife won’t actually improve the situation; it will actually make it worse. You can’t afford to increase her contempt for you because her natural desire to jump ship at the first sign of a better offer is still very much ingrained.

If instead you project strength, she will complain. She will not enjoy it when he every whim is not immediately addressed, but she will be forced to respect you. That respect will turn her on in spite of herself. And that respect will make you the kind of confident, self-assured man that women want. It all starts with buying a sex doll, which frees you from the manipulation of a woman who will otherwise use you for what she can get. Your sex doll makes you a free and independent agent. You can’t be “whipped,” pushed around, or manipulated, because you’re already getting your sex on the regular from a very attractive woman… whom you happened to pick out from among our pages. You’re very attractive woman is made from the finest materials, but she’s also made from hope. She represents the hope that all men will one day find the satisfaction that is having a sex doll. We at will not rest until we’ve brought that benefit to as many people as we possibly can. That is our mission, and we take it very seriously. You never again have to worry as long as you have a sex doll at home. She’s there for you, she’s not going anywhere, and she’ll always be true to you. It’s that simple.





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