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Shopadoll.com is a business run with integrity and honesty, with total client satisfaction as its highest goal. We’ve gone to great lengths to make sure our website is as informative and easy to use as possible so that you can make the best sex doll selection. We are happy to answer your questions and to guide you through the shopping process if you need any help with this, if you’re curious about doll features, or if you just want reassurance that, yes, a sex doll purchase is right for you. You can also trust that we will keep your purchase completely confidential. We know that there are any number of reasons that you might not want anyone knowing that you purchased a high-quality sex doll. We will guard your privacy and make sure no one ever knows you shopped with us. We will ship your sex doll discreetly and efficiently using whichever parcel delivery service is most advantageous and cost effective for you.

We hope that on our pages we have convinced you to purchase a Shopadoll.com sex doll. We hope that you know that whether or not you have relationships with living women, whether or not you have left these behind you or you are just supplementing your love life in between steady girlfriends, a Shopadoll.com sex doll is right for you because it is right for anyone. Our sex dolls give you the best of all possible worlds: Sexy, incredibly attractive women who are cooperative and exciting to touch, hold, and love. Look at the pictures of our dolls! Imagine this sexy young thing in your bed forever. Imagine having unfettered access to her, and knowing that no one else can have her. Imagine having her as your very own for as long as you like. It’s an exciting, wonderful thing. You owe it to yourself to pick up a Shopadoll.com sex doll right now.

If Women Aren’t An Option, We Get it

Of course, it may also be the case that choosing a Shopadoll.com sex doll is a decision you’ve made from expedience, and not out of any desire to leave real, living women behind. It could be the case that you live or work somewhere so remote that there simply aren’t enough women to go around. This can be the case in certain very remote work locations, such as the oil industry or other natural resource fields. It can also be the case in remote areas of the country where you live where there just aren’t that many people at all, so the ratio of men to women comes into play and makes trouble for you. If you live in some of the remotest regions of Alaska, for example, there simply aren’t enough women to go around. There are oil workers working on oil rigs where prostitution is not even an option, much less finding a woman to date. What do all these men do if they want feminine companionship and sexual gratification? They don’t seem to have a lot of options, do they? Well, one very real option is to purchase a Shopadoll.com sex doll. These are not just a cost-effective means of fulfilling your urge for sexual gratification. They are also a way to change your lifestyle so you are no longer at the mercy of a lack of women in your life.

There are multiple reasons for you to purchase a Shopadoll.com sex doll for your personal pleasure. But those multiple reasons include more than just pleasure, and more than just personal gratification. They also encompass companionship. If you have ever experienced true loneliness, you know that having someone in your life that you can share your life with can do a lot to make your day to day existence better. You probably thought, if you are not in a relationship, that you had to somehow find one or just resign yourself to being alone. But you don’t have to just settle for being lonely any more.

There’s no shame in admitting that sex with real women isn’t an option. If you had to choose between being alone, using pornography to meet your needs, getting by with a variety of sex toys, or actually having sex with a Shopadoll.com sex doll, wouldn’t it be the most satisfying option to choose the doll? We think that of course it would. There’s simply no close comparison of any kind. A full-sized, realistically detailed sex doll is absolutely the next best thing to a “real” woman. for many men, they are the closest thing that man will get to a woman that hot. A lot of us are okay when it comes to women, but we don’t date the top shelf model types that we see on television and the movies. Studies have been conducted that asked men to rate the attractiveness of their partners’ bodies. Even though the women that most men are with aren’t exactly professional models, men are happy with their partners’ bodies even if they aren’t perfect. They state that, yes, they find their women attractive. They are not likely to look for something or someone else as long as they are getting regular action at home and they know their significant other is into them.

As much as we are reluctant to say it outright, it’s also a fact that it may be the case that some men can’t be with real women for a very specific reason, a reason that isn’t really very nice. That reason is that some men simply don’t possess, for any of several reasons, the qualities that women are looking for in a man to have a relationship with. For a man to learn that he is not what a woman is looking for can be very difficult. It can even be devastating, at times. Most men believe that they are good people with redeeming qualities, and this is almost always true of everyone. Everyone has something to offer, and it is said that there is someone in the world for everyone. In fact, there are probably many someones in the world for every person. But just because there might theoretically be someone in the world out there for you doesn’t mean you’re ever actually going to find them. It just may not be possible. And there are a lot of factors that play into the fact that you might not be able to find a woman for a short- or long-term relationship, or that you might not be able to find a woman during those specific windows when you need and want one.

Part of the problem for the average guy, in finding a woman, is that the average modern woman is really quite difficult. They are hard to please, and they are hard to cultivate relationships with. This is due in part to the day and age in which the modern woman has grown up, at least here in Western society. Women are really very greedy, entitled creatures, taken as a general category in modern society. Sure, there are exceptions, and there are great women out there, but for the average guy who would just like to be able to have a sexy lady in his bed from time to time, these good women can be few and far apart — at least, fewer and farther apart than he might like. Part of the problem, or a very big part of it, anyway, is that modern women are taught by society that men should be doormats. They are taught that the men in their life should be bending over backward to do and say anything that pleases the woman, bowing and scraping to get their approval and general allowing themselves to be beaten down and pushed around. This makes the modern woman very greedy and ungrateful, which translates to one and only one thing: A man she meets, any man, is only as good as what he can do for her. This attitude creates an entire generation of women for whom the current crop of men are barely good enough. If a man isn’t rich enough, or isn’t perfectly good looking, or if he’s managed to pack on a few extra pounds, or if he simply isn’t as charming and handsome and well-rounded as the fake men these women see on the covers of romance novels, then that guy, well, he’s just not good enough for these entitled princesses. What a horrible thing, to be a great man with a lot to offer, but to be told that you simply aren’t what women are looking for. There is a terrible double standard within society about that, too. It all comes down to the fact that sex and affection are very natural needs that everyone has. Every human being has the urge to have sex. If you are a straight man, that means you desire the company of sexually attractive women. What’s more, what you find sexually attractive is what it is. It cannot be changed, even if modern society thinks what you like is politically incorrect.

Thus, we have this ridiculous campaign in society right now called “body positivity.” This is an attempt to tell men that fat women are just as attractive as women who are in shape, toned, taut, and full of sexy curves. Over and over again, society tells men that fat, out of shape, unattractive women deserve to be considered beautiful too… when in fact they are not. No amount of telling a man that a woman is beautiful is actually going to convince him that she is, but you can’t tell this to the people who push this politically correct nonsense on the masses. No, you are expected to just nod your head and silently agree to whatever nonsense they are pushing. Sure, you’re supposed to say, fat women are sexy too. Sure, ugly women are beautiful too. This campaign toward body positivity goes so far as to try and say that women should just be okay with being fat and stop trying to get in shape, because if they feel society is judging them for being unattractive, this is “bullying” and “harassment” and even “misogyny.” In fact, any criticism of a woman in any way, shape, or form in today’s modern society is considered by many of these politically correct people to be “misogyny.” So where does that leave the average guy who hasn’t yet purchased a Shopadoll.com sex doll to free himself from this harassment and tyranny?

The double standard, you see, works like this. You, as a man, are expected to be perfect. You are expected to be desirable if you want to have a woman. Society does not have any tolerance for fat men. Fat men are the last category of person on Earth that it’s perfectly socially acceptable to make fun of. There are no campaigns for fat, out of shape men to proclaim to the world that they are “handsome at any size.” No, these men are told that they are rushing to an early grave if they don’t get in shape and take care of themselves. Men who are not sexy, men who do not have “game,” men who do not project confidence and who do not exude the qualities women are supposed to be looking for in a man, are told that they do not deserve female companionship. They are told they are losers and, honestly, if they keep “creeping” on attractive women, they deserve to be shunned and made fun of. Now, we really want you to stop and think about the implications of that. A woman who is unattractive, or simply not perfect physically, is never held to the same standards as men are. She is never expected to have a job and a means of supporting herself, much less someone else. She is never judged by how much power and wealth she has, and cast aside if she is powerless or poor. No, society tells these women they deserve to be beautiful, and any man who won’t consider her for her personality must be a sexist pig who probably hate women and can’t get laid.

That, of course, is the favorite insult of every woman on the Internet. If you interact and argue with any woman on social media, if you dare to disagree with a woman, or to criticize a woman in any way (especially if you criticize her appearance), you will be told you are a “creepy loser” who “can’t get laid.” Women always go straight for a man’s sexual prowess when they want to insult him. Now, mind you, a man who told a woman that she would die alone and never find a man to have sex with her would condemned and shunned as a bully and a coward. But when a woman judges a man and condemns him for not having the qualities she wants in a man, and goes so far as to tell him he will never get to have sex because nobody wants him, her friends will cheer her on and tell her how right she was to tell that “creep” off. The double standard in our society tells men that if they are not perfect, they are not perfectly fit, they are not wealthy, and so on, then they deserve to be alone. They don’t deserve to find someone to be with, and they most certainly do not deserve to have sex.

How cruel is that when it comes to a way of thinking about the world? How awful? Doesn’t everyone deserve to be able to meet their basic human desires for affection and sexual contact? Yet if a man acts like he is disappointed when he spends a lot of time and money on a girl trying to get with her, and she refuses him, then that man is scolded for feeling “entitled” to a woman’s body. If a man dares to say anything about a woman’s appearance, he is told he is a misogynist who feels that he owns a woman’s sexuality. So very often, all these insults come down to insecurity on the part of women when it comes to accepting responsibility for their own actions, coupled to a hypercritical set of standards that get applied to everything men do. This is why men always feel like they can’t get a fair shake. Over and over again they are told that they are somehow being unfair to everyone else, that they, as men, somehow run everything. Yet they do not, nor do they feel like they are in charge. Instead, they are the butt of every joke and the scapegoat for every problem. They are blamed for everything and given credit for nothing. They are assumed to suffer from everything ranging from misogyny and hate to “privilege” and other made up notions, all of which amount to blaming men for imagined crimes or holding them to a stricter standard than women.

And you can put an end to all of this when you buy a sex doll. You’re probably wondering how that could possibly be true. Well, the fact is, it isn’t your fault that you can’t find a woman. It isn’t your fault that you can’t find someone who is willing to be reasonable and kind with you, someone who will not try to hold you to a different standard. It simply shouldn’t be the case that you are expected to live your life trying to please people, namely women, who are never satisfied, who are never grateful, and who can never be pleased. Honestly, given the state of modern dating today, we don’t understand why anyone would voluntarily sign up for a relationship. Why on Earth would anyone volunteer for a new boss, a woman who feels she can criticize her man at every opportunity, tell him what to do, tell him where he can go, tell him whether he can be with his friends, and plan his weekends for him? Why would any man want to be beholden to a woman who withholds peace from the household whenever she doesn’t get what she wants, and at the slightest provocation or insult? Why would any man voluntarily subject himself to this kind of childish oversight? Honestly, if the average man treated his woman in relationships the way women are more or less expected to treat their men, society would be right to brand men misogynists and hateful abusers. Watch any stand up comedian talk about relationships and when men and women fight. You’ll see just how universal these laws are when you stop and think about what the audience is laughing at. Relationships are a bum deal every time and the guy always gets the bad end of the stick. It’s a terrible shame that we have to think this way, but it’s absolutely true, and you can see this over and over again any time you look at any modern relationship. The man is always nagged and henpecked, just trying to prevent his woman from being mad at him. He makes decisions on this basis and frequently denies his own desires in an attempt just to get some peace and quiet.

Well, you cannot live your life trying to meet a standard that no reasonable person could meet, can you? Why should you have to live like that? And if women don’t want you, it isn’t your fault. You don’t have to spend your life chasing them, thirsting after them, wanting them, and wishing you can be with one. Now you can have the incredible Shopadoll.com sex doll of your dreams for the lowest price we can manage as we work with our suppliers and manufacturers. We guarantee that you won’t find better quality anywhere on line than when you look at this line of products we have assembled for you. We’ve worked diligently to make our sex dolls affordable, which means that just about anyone can afford to bring one into their home and into their life. No man deserves to deny himself sexual pleasure. Every man deserves to have sexual gratification. That is why you should stop denying yourself, stop torturing yourself, and stop blaming yourself when you can’t find a woman to be with you. Modern women are bad news. Honestly, you are better off without them, when you can instead have the best of all possible worlds by buying one of our sex dolls.

Simply put, sexual gratification is a fundamental human need. Just because you, as a man, don’t have a girlfriend right now, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be able to have sexual pleasure. If you live or work somewhere that there aren’t enough women to make having a relationship, or even hiring a prostitute, an option, you still deserve to able to have sex. And if you simply can’t find a woman to have a short-term or long-term relationship with, if you aren’t the sort of man who finds it easy to hookup with women (or for whatever reason you don’t have the qualities that today’s spoiled, entitled modern women look for), you still deserve to be able to have sex. A Shopadoll.com sex doll makes that a possibility for you. Our dolls make everything possible. Get the sexual gratification you deserve and that, yes, is your right as a human being. You’ve been told that expecting sex makes you some kind of bad person, that it means you think you are entitled. Well, we know that you deserve to have sex because you’re a human being. Stop letting society tell you what is and is not okay. Instead, take back control of your life, your sexuality, your gratification, and how you spend your romantic time. Our sex dolls free you from dependence on real live women, which means you have to put up with none of the hassles of real relationships.

Understand, too, that just because you have a gorgeous Shopadoll.com sex doll at home doesn’t mean you won’t necessarily have relationships with real women. Many of our clients use their Shopadoll.com sex dolls simply to pick up the slack between girlfriends. Our dolls are the perfect way to sort of smooth out those dry spells, when you’d like to have sexual gratification but you aren’t in a position, or you’re simply unwilling, to deal with another person. As often as not, the choice to purchase a sex doll is a personal one that frees you from other people, but this is not always because you have no other choice. Quite frequently, it is because you have made the conscious decision to change your lifestyle away from something unhealthy and toward something much better. Sex dolls represent a means of taking charge of your life in a way that frees you from the tyranny of male-female relationships. You may not realize just how much time and energy you expend on these types of interactions, but we guarantee that you do. If you have ever been in a relationship of any kind, you have wasted energy on these things. The time to upgrade is now!

By upgrade, we mean the time to finally place control of your sex life in your hands, in your bedroom, and in your bed is now. Don’t waste any more time debating with yourself. Yes, we know it’s not an insignificant purchase. We know the asking price of one of our sex dolls does represent a certain investment. But the fact is, what you will pay for our dolls is a fraction of what you would pay for the dolls of another company. We’ve combed the doll manufacturers for the best possible deals and the best possible prices. We’ve made sure the quality levels you get are on par with what you expect and need from an intimate personal pleasure device like this. We’ve done all the work for you, and brought you the best of all possible worlds her on our pages. Isn’t it time that you finally experienced sex as it was meant to be? Isn’t it time that you took the plunge and made the simple purchase that has the power to change your entire life?

Now, we don’t want to oversell it, but purchasing a sex doll is indeed a lifestyle decision. It’s a means of altering how you approach your life. When you don’t have one of our products, you are pretty much limited to the old-fashioned model of dating and relationships. You do not get to have sex if you are not in a relationship, and if you want a relationship, you will have to work very hard to get one. That means bowing, scraping, groveling, and begging. It means endless nights spent worrying that you might say the wrong thing and ruin your chances. It means doing your best to impress women and persuade them to go out on dates with you so that perhaps, if you just try hard enough, you can talk one of them into bed. And it means starting all over again if anything goes wrong at any part of the process.

Quite frankly, the time to upgrade your life and to start enjoying one of our sex dolls is today. You’ve wasted enough time thinking about it. You need one of our products in your life. We offer our sex dolls at some of the lowest prices you will find on the Internet. Never has quality like this been available at prices like these. So what are you waiting for you? You risk so little, and you stand to gain so much, when you purchase from us. Don’t deny yourself physical pleasure and intimacy. Get your sex doll today and start experiencing the pleasures our Shopadoll.com girls offer. Don’t you deserve that pleasure, that happiness, and most of all, that freedom? We can’t stress that word enough: Freedom. Freedom is what our dolls represent. That freedom is the freedom from traditional relationships, yes, but it’s something more fundamental. Every man is more or less a prisoner to his desire to have sex. If he can get his sexual gratification on his terms, without hassle and without stress, then he is free of that need. The women he meets cannot exert any hold over him. He is immune to their charms and therefore to their manipulation.

Would you like to be free of all the red tape of dating? Would you like to be your own man? Most men would jump at the chance, but there’s a good bet they haven’t really thought it through. Once you’ve really put some thought into it and worked out where all of this is leading, you’ll conclude what we concluded when we started this business: Dating real women doesn’t do you any favors. If you want true sexual gratification, if you want to live as your own person, then time to buy a Shopadoll.com sex doll is now. Don’t waste any more time, and don’t delay any longer. Embrace the change that you desire most. Be the best version of yourself you can be. Buy one of our sex dolls and experience the excitement, thrill, and fun that is having your very own gorgeous girl at your beck and call. Pick out the one who turns you on the most and you’ll be ready to go as soon as she arrives in her discreet packaging. Don’t wait! The time to book your sex doll is today. You deserve a Shopadoll.com sex doll.

There Are So Many Reasons Our Shopadoll.com Sex Dolls Are Superior to “Real” Women

Our Shopadoll.com sex dolls are far superior to real women. It would be easy for us to say this as a matter of opinion, but we think it’s also objectively true. Have you considered having a real relationship with a living woman? If you have, we’re willing to bet your past attempts haven’t always gone well. This is another sad reality of the dating game. Real relationships are messy, real human interactions are frequently unpleasant and problematic, and dealing with other people means you’re constantly making compromises. This is a fact of daily life that few of us can escape. Most people don’t even stop to think to question any of how this works. Most of us have simply been conditioned to accept less than we want, unless we are willing to go without sexual gratification entirely. But honestly, why should you compromise when it comes to one of the most fundamental needs of a human being?

It seems like today, if you want to find yourself in a short-term or long-term relationship, you have to be willing to compromise. We’ve been taught that there is nothing wrong with compromise. We’ve been taught that compromise is not a dirty word, not at all. But what does “compromise” mean in this context? It means giving up what you truly want. It means settling for somebody less than what you’d actually like to have. If you’ve always dreamed of being with a hot-bodied model, compromise says that if you’re not a very good looking man, or if you’re not rich, or if you’re not powerful, then you’re not going to land that hot-bodied little number. Sure, there are some fairly ugly guys paired up with some fairly hot women out there, but those guys are in their own personal little hells, trying to hold on to a woman who is way out of their league while also dealing with how absolutely crazy she probably is. And so many of these girls are indeed crazy. There is no other way to look at it. You know the old equation. The hotter she is, the more crazy she is likely to be, and no matter how hot she is, somewhere there is a guy who is plenty tired of dealing with her grief.

When you buy a Shopadoll.com sex doll, however, you don’t have to compromise anymore. You can get what you have been looking for, what you have been longing for, what you have been dreaming about. Specifically, you can have an incredibly sexy woman, who has all the curves and tight dimensions of some of the hottest ladies out there, but she is an improvement on “real” women. Sure, she doesn’t talk, and she doesn’t move unless you move her. If you must compromise, make THAT compromise. Don’t settle for less woman than you truly want. Buy a Shopadoll.com sex doll instead, and get precisely the sexy lady you have always wanted to snuggle up close to in your bed. We can’t overstate how incredible it is to come home to something like that. Take a look at the pictures on our doll sales listing pages. Don’t those pictures turn you on? Couldn’t each and every one of those girls be a real photograph? Don’t you expect them to just walk out of the page and start talking to you? That’s how we feel and, frankly, that’s how we think you’ll feel when you spend some time with one of our sex dolls.

What’s truly great about Shopadoll.com is that when you buy from us, you can afford to take a few risks. Let’s say you’re not entirely certain which model you want to commit to. In other words, you can’t quite decide which of our lovely sex dolls is perfect for you. If you’re buying at premium prices from one of the top name-brand sex doll stores, you’re going to be paying thousands and thousands of dollars for the doll you’re buying. At that price, you’re pretty much stuck with whatever you buy. If it arrives and it’s not as good as you thought it would be, if it doesn’t turn you on like you’d hoped it would, if anything about it isn’t precisely, exactly as you wished for it to be when you placed your incredibly expensive order…. well, you’re pretty much stuck with it now, aren’t you? There’s no going back. You’ve spent enough money on a product that, let’s face it, can’t be returned. Nobody returns a used dildo or pocket pussy to the store, and those cost a heck of a lot less than a many-thousands-of-dollars sex doll from one of those name-brand premium outlets. And when you’ve spent that much money on a sex doll, unless you’re independently wealthy, chances are good you won’t be able to afford to buy anything else for a while. Why, you’ll probe be spending months, if not years, just paying off the credit card bill for that first doll. Does that sound satisfying to you? Does that sound enjoyable?

When you buy from Shopadoll.com, however, you’re only paying a fraction of the price for a doll whose quality rivals those of the pricier outlets. We guarantee you won’t find a better quality solid sex doll at a better price than the dolls you will find on our pages. We’ve gone to great lengths to make sure that our price versus quality equation is second to none. It’s because we are ourselves committed to the sex doll lifestyle. We won’t sell you a product that we would not use ourselves. We meticulously inspect every product that comes through the doors of our distribution center. We go over every detail. We know that each of our dolls is just a little unique. Yes, every Brunette Carlita or Blonde Betty looks just like every other Brunette Carlita and Blonde Betty, respectively… but there are always tiny differences in the manufacturing process that make every one of our dolls a unique, beautiful creation. The price on our dolls is low enough that you can buy from us to experiment with your new sex doll, but you can also afford to purchase a different model if you so choose. The price is not insignificant, but it’s pretty low, and we think we’ve made our products accessible to just about anyone on any budget.

Of course, budgets aside, how much would you spend to change your life forever? Just how much is your freedom worth to you? What price would you place on having sex when and how you want it, however long you want it, with a beautiful girl whose measurements and features rival or exceed any girl you’ve ever dated? Is there even a price that can be placed on freedom and gratification like that? What we sell you is nothing more or less than a means of changing your sex life and therefore your day to day existence. Have you ever met anyone who successfully changed the model of their lives? It’s rarer than you think. But if you’ve been suffering the day to day loneliness of not having a woman or, worse, if you’ve been suffering the day to day tyranny of an unreasonable girlfriend or spouse, you can leave all that behind when you buy one of our incredible, stunning, beautiful sex dolls. What price would you place on that? We guarantee that what we offer meets or exceeds your expectations, as long as those expectations are reasonable. And we do everything in our power to acquaint you with our product line and let you know what you can expect from us. There is nothing that one of our Shopadoll.com girls can’t do better than a “real” woman, unless you count talking and moving. Sure, moving would be a nice improvement (and we’ll let you know when we figure out how to manage that)… but even if our sex doll COULD talk, we think we’d probably make sure it stayed pretty quiet. How much would you pay for peace and quiet? As the old saying goes, you don’t pay a professional to come and entertain you. You pay her to leave. Your sex doll represents that, writ large. She is only what you want, while giving you nothing you don’t. You can have her around for as long as you are having a fun time, but when you want space, she will happily stay in the background and out of your way. Doesn’t that sound like a better way to manage your sex life? But wait; we’ve only just gotten started.

Completely Safe Sex with Your Sex Doll

One of the very real and most obvious advantages of buying one of our Shopadoll.com sex dolls is that they are a means of having completely free, consequences free sex. The statistics on sexually transmitted disease rates in the Western world have gotten completely out of hand. It is a terrifying fact of the industrialized world that the risks of contracting a sexually transmitted disease are very real and very present whenever you engage in sexual contact of any time. Are you prepared to play Russian roulette with your health? Are you prepared to risk catching a disease that is perhaps incurable or, worse, terminal? For too long, we’ve all lived under the illusion that it’s possible to have a vibrant, dynamic, busy sex life with no consequences. But even using condoms is not proof against all of the diseases you might contract. Condoms do work… most of the time. What happens when the condom breaks, or you apply it incorrectly, or it’s not rolled up far enough to prevent you from contracting something? There are just too many terrifying diseases out there, and new ones are evolving. Right now, scientists are most alarmed by the emergence of an antibiotic-resistant strain of gonorrhea, which cannot be treated with conventional methods used in the past. Frankly, all of that is just too scary to think about. Every single person you have sex with, every single time, represents a potential vector for contracting a deadly or incurable STD. And if you think you can stay safe by using condoms every time and asking your partners to share their sexual histories with you, think again: People aren’t always honest about the diseases they have.

Take a certain famous movie star and sitcom personality who very publicly self-destructed a few years back. For the longest time, this guy was the party icon of Hollywood, a guy who talked about how he was “winning” at life. He famously patronized what must have been dozens, even hundreds of prostitutes and porn stars, lived with three porn star girlfriends, and took what must have been all the drugs in the world. He squandered a good portion of his incredibly large fortune, alienated the mother of his twins, and generally made a wreck of his life. Then he went strangely quiet for a little while until rumors hit the tabloids that a major A-list Hollywood star was about to reveal something very important to the world. Very few people were surprised when it was this celebrity and he revealed he was HIV positive. Worse, though, at least one and possibly more of the women he dated after his diagnosis with HIV claimed that he not only concealed his HIV status, but also didn’t consistently use condoms (even though, in his press tour about his illness, he claimed that he did not endanger anyone). So far, there are no reports that the fellow managed to transmit HIV to any of the people he concealed his illness from, but all of those women will be living under a cloud of doubt for many years to come.

Sex with your Shopadoll.com sex doll is totally safe sex in this terrifying world of STDs. You can be completely uninhibited with your Shopadoll.com sex doll, and when you purchase from us, you could choose to use condoms or not use them at all. (Condoms help speed cleanup and make everything a little easier with regard to ongoing maintenance, but they aren’t required. They are your personal choice, and because you know your Shopadoll.com product is disease free, you are free to make that choice based on what you find most inspiring, most exciting, and most pleasurable. Maybe you don’t like the feel of a condom or, more accurately, the lack of feel that a condom creates. Maybe you find the process of putting a condom on to be awkward and a mood-killer. Certainly that’s true in many cases. Maybe you’re just the kind of guy who takes good care of himself, and the idea of catching a disease for which there is no cure just doesn’t sit well with you. Well, we understand completely. When you have sex with one of our sex dolls, you are completely and totally safe. There is no chance of catching a disease from your doll and the worst risk you may face is that of chafing if you fail to use sufficient and safe lube.

Depending on how old you are, you might remember the “free love” era. The emergence of the birth control revolutionized the notion of casual sex by taking the risk of pregnancy largely out of the equation. Back then, if you did get a sexually transmitted disease, it was thought, you could be cured easily enough with a shot of penicillin or something like that. But those days are long gone. Even curable diseases are pretty alarming, especially when fire is spraying out of your man-junk. A staggering number of people these days have genital herpes, and many of them aren’t yet aware of it. It’s true that herpes won’t kill you, but the risk of giving it to others will make you a sexual outcast for as long as you are sexually active, which will make it much harder for you to date, have normal relationships, and move on with your life. Do you want to be defined by something beyond your control, something horrible that was visited upon you and that cannot be cured no matter how long you live? I can remember the plight of an actress who got famous for having a sex tape and who then had a reality show with her best friend. Some time back, it was revealed that a prescription with her name on it (which was recovered from a storage area that was abandoned, the contents sold at auction) indicated she had herpes. Now she will be known for that for, well, ever. There’s no changing it, and it’s because of the stigma associated with the disease. Do you want that to be you?

Of course, we’ve kind of skirted one of the biggest problems you could potentially face when you go out and have sex with a “real” woman as opposed to a sex doll. That is the danger of pregnancy. While getting a girl pregnant isn’t the worst thing in the world, and it’s certainly not a disease, it is something that can affect your life and change its course. If you’re not ready, a child can represent a major blow to your finances (and arguably, even people who think they are ready aren’t actually ready). No matter what precautions you take, it is possible for a woman to get pregnant. Some women even get pregnant while on the pill, which can lead to further complications if they don’t realize they got pregnant while they were on it. And of course the pill, while it usually prevents pregnancy, does not actually do anything to stop STDs. That fact is, there are a lot of potential problems that could occur when you have sex with a woman. Are you prepared for those potential consequences?

You don’t have to face those dangers. You can avoid all of them: all of that fear, all of that stigma, all of that danger, and all of the health complications that might come about if you contract a sexually transmitted disease. It’s as simple as making the transition from ”real” women (women who, let’s face it, cannot be trusted to be completely honest with you about the number of sexually transmitted diseases they have or had, not to mention the number of sexual partners they had before meeting you) to one of our incredible Shopadoll.com products. Never again trouble yourself over your sexual health. Never fear the morning after a sexual encounter when you have to face the consequences of a reckless night before. Never submit yourself to another test at the local free health clinic, wondering if the girl you had sex with last night was completely forthcoming when you asked if her there was anything she had that you should know about. Our Shopadoll.com sex dolls are always safe, always ready for you, always eager to please you, and always safer than having sex with live women. Bring one of our products into your home and begin experiencing the freedom of this lifestyle that we offer. Shopadoll.com dolls are better than real women, all the time, every day or night.

A Girl Who Never Says No, No Matter What

Your Shopadoll.com sex doll is always in the mood for making love. She is never going to have a headache. She is never going to turn you down. She will never look at you and decide that she has something better to do, that she feels fat right now, that she’s just not in the mood, or that she’s mad at you and therefore withholding her affections. All guys, even guys who are more or less happy with the relationships they find themselves in, have felt what it’s like to have their sexual advances rejected. Especially in long-term relationships, women start acting like it’s a chore or like they’re doing you a favor when you want to be intimate with them. They start coming up with excuses for why they don’t want to have sex. They put you off, reject you, or otherwise tell you no when you let them know that you are “in the mood.” Worse, they play the relationship guilt game, telling you that they don’t like it when you “pressure” them for intimate contact. The result is that you feel like the kind of jerk who pressures his woman to have sex. You’re left feeling like you did something wrong, like it was unreasonable for you to want sex from your woman and to be disappointed when she said no (especially when she has repeatedly said no over a period of time).

A terrible thing happens when a man is rejected in a relationship. Men can be incredibly strong, but they tend also to be vulnerable when it comes to the women in their lives. The average man who is tough as nails may become a complete teddy bear when he’s with his lady, whom he loves with all his heart. While men are notoriously slow to open up, once they do open up, they tend to do so with pretty reckless abandon. As such, nobody has the power to toy with a man’s moods, or make him happy, or make him sad, or otherwise alter how he looks at the world immediately and powerfully, the way his woman does. He trusts her and he shares his innermost thoughts with her. Sometimes he shares his desires with her, and his innermost fantasies. When this happens he must make the conscious decision to go out on a limb, emotionally, to tell his woman something he thinks that would make him very upset if anyone were to criticize him or make fun of him for it. Every time a man discusses his inner thoughts with his lady, he is inviting her to do two things. He is inviting her to share his thoughts, and he is giving her the opportunity to crush him. This opportunity is implied more than it is explicit, but both parties know it’s there. That’s an incredible act of trust and faith in a partner. Now imagine that the woman says no, or even worse, makes fun of what he says, what he offers, or what he shares. It won’t be long before that man clams up and stops sharing altogether. You don’t have to burn a man too many times before he starts closing himself off to being hurt again.

Almost as bad as breach of trust and the lack of faith that it creates are the problems created by patterns of rejection. If a woman gets it into her had that sex with her husband or boyfriend is some kind of chore, and every time he tries to initiate being romantic with her, she brushes him off, he’s soon going to start to take it personally. He’s going to wonder if he’s inadequate or otherwise bad in bed. Very little goes straight to the heart of a man’s insecurities quite like being afraid that he’s a bad lover. For all that the average man gets a bad rap as a selfish or hurried lover, in some ways, he is generally of the opinion that a woman who has been pleased sexually is a woman who is more likely to sleep with him in the future. He will, therefore, do his best to please her and bring her pleasure. And if he gets the hint that she doesn’t want to be with him, and interprets that as rejection, he’s going to be hurt. He’s going to see that as a rejection of him. He’s going to worry that his woman doesn’t want to be with him and that she’s not into him. Each and every time the rejection occurs, the cumulative pattern will be, in his mind, even that much more terrible.

If this type of pattern of rejection persists in a relationship, it eventually starts to beat the man down. Now, instead of initiating sex, he just doesn’t bother, because he knows she won’t be interested. Given that most women don’t initiate sex, chances are good that the couple’s sex life is going to go rapidly downhill. Eventually, he’s going to start looking around for some action on the side. This is one of the primary reasons that men cheat. Men express their need for intimacy in physical ways and, denied that by their partner, they’ll start looking for an alternative. Your Shopadoll.com girl could be a very viable means of supplementing your sex life with a partner who is unable or unwilling to be close to you as often as you like… and many couples, more than you might realize, have purchased one of our affordable sex dolls for this reason. (It’s a lot easier to sell your partner on the idea when you’re asking to spend only a few hundred dollars as compared to several thousand, too!) But if you’ve decided your relationship simply isn’t for you, your Shopadoll.com girl is a way out for you, giving you access to physical intimacy even when you aren’t currently with someone. Never worry about being alone again! Never be rejected or denied intimacy. Your Shopadoll.com sex doll never says no. She is always there for you in a way that you will find comforting, reassuring, and consistent. In this way, you can always have someone to come home to, no matter what. The companionship is a huge part of the draw of our sex dolls, but it is not the only draw. The gratification of your sexual desires is another big part of it. Together they combine to make our sex dolls very powerful consumer products that can conceivably change your life.

We want to stress that buying a sex doll does not make you some kind of sex fiend who can’t take no for an answer. We’ve seen the behaviors borne out in study after study. Guys like the women they are with and want to please them. Most of them would trade any number of different prizes or sets of circumstances just for the ability to know what it is their partner needed to make her happy. Unfortunately, while very brief books can be written on the care and feeding of the male in a relationship, writing a relationship book on what it takes to keep a woman happy would probably quite impossible. That’s because what the average woman wants changes on any given day and may change from hour to hour. The typical woman also offers something inconsistent from visit to visit. She is literally impossible to figure out, and any attempt to try is doomed to failure.

In that environment, are you comfortable making the attempt? Will you try to read her mind? Can you provide for her what you think she likes? What if you end up making yourself miserable? Are you ready to walk off into that abyss? Or would you like to avoid all of that, all of the potential problems, and most of all the pattern of rejection? How much would your confidence skyrocket upward if you knew that every time you wanted to have sex, no matter when it was, no matter how many times you wanted to do it, that your partner would agree immediately? How good would it make you feel if your partner was into everything you were into, in the same way that you were into it, always on the same page and always ready to please you? This is the type of eager, cooperative reception you get with one of our sex dolls. This is the standard to which you can aspire. This is the far better alternative to dealing with real women, their real baggage, their real drama, and their real red tape. This is the reason our Shopadoll.com sex dolls are so much better than every other form of female entertainment. Don’t waste any more of your precious time. Buy your Shopadoll.com sex doll today and let us get the shipping info rolling. The sooner you start, the sooner that discreetly packaged doll arrives!

No More Drama, No More Baggage

One of the most important reasons to buy one of our Shopadoll.com sex dolls is that these dolls free you from dealing with real-life women. Women can be a lot of work. They can also cause a lot of difficulty in your life. Coping with the problems of a living, breathing, irrational woman means dealing with each and every one of her hang-ups. It means dealing with each and every one of her ups and downs. It means dealing with each and every one of her whims. It means dealing with each and every one of her messy issues. Are you ready to sign on for all of another person’s problems? Are you ready to be elected as the person to solve all those problems? Are you prepared to be blamed if those problems don’t instantly go away, and especially if you are not up to the challenge of cleaning up the mess someone else has made of their life? Well, if you’re about to enter into a relationship with a woman, you had better be able to answer “yes” to those questions, because that is what is about to happen.

When you date a woman, you are instantly signing on all to all of her problems. This is non-negotiable. It is simply what is expected of boyfriends and husbands in today’s modern world. We’ve already discussed how you, the guy, get the raw end of the deal whenever it comes to the double standard that is applied to the behavior of and expectations on men and women in the modern era. If you do not agree to help her with her issues, you instantly become a bad boyfriend, a bad husband, a bad significant other, or whatever it is you are. If you display any tendency toward self-preservation, if you give any thought to your own needs, you will be branded a selfish lout and you will be excoriated for not giving more of yourself to someone who needs you. That is what entering into a relationship with a woman is, after all. It is the expectation that you will forever be sacrificing yourself on the altar of her wants and needs, and you will be expected to show solidarity with her and her problems no matter how bad they are, no matter how stupid they are, and no matter how much you would like to just remove yourself from the situation. Short of breaking up with that woman, there won’t be a lot you can do about it… and even breaking up with her might be difficult. When in relationships, women are adept at “emotional blackmail,” wherein they pressure you to stay with them (in effect, not to wash your hands of them or their problems) by promising something or, more frequently, by threatening something.

A girl you’ve just broken up with could do anything from key your car to fake a pregnancy to attack you physically. There doesn’t have to be any rhyme or reason to it. Her behavior might have very little rational explanation. Just as you cannot expect to get a rational explanation for crazy behavior, you cannot expect a woman to be anything but emotional when a relationship ends, even if it was her idea to end it. Are you ready to be emotionally blackmailed for trying to break up with a woman who is not healthy for you? It can happen. It does happen. And if you date for any length of time, it definitely WILL happen. But the litany of your problems starts well before you finally break up with her (and it’s inevitable that you will break up, unless you end up in an increasingly miserable marriage, in which case there’s a high chance the marriage will ultimately end in divorce). No, your problem starts when you enter into that relationship and she suddenly sees the opportunity to turn over all her problems and baggage to somebody else to solve.

For example, your woman could have bad problems stemming from previous relationships that didn’t go well. Are you ready to help her work out emotional traumas that had nothing to do with you? Well, get ready, because you’re going to hear about every lousy boyfriend she ever had in nauseating detail. You won’t just have to picture her being with these other guys, either. You’ll also have to cope with whatever the fallout was from her messed up relationships. If she decides she has intimacy issues, that she can only have sex when the moon is full, that she doesn’t like actually discussing her feelings, or she refuses to make any decisions and defers everything to you (then gets mad at you when you actually make some of those decisions).

That’s another great example of how signing onto a relationship ends up causing you nothing but problems. Women will do this thing where they pretend you have a choice about something. That choice could be about something important, or about as something as trivial as where the two of you are going to eat dinner. They’ll present the options to you as if they are a choice and as if they are soliciting your opinion. You will then innocently tell her what you think and what you want. If make the mistake of identifying the option she is trying to tell you, in her indirect, roundabout, hinting way, that she does not want, then she will pout and punish you and hold it against you. That’s just how women are. They are incredibly passive aggressive, they have a very hard time directly telling you what they want, and they refuse to communicate clearly — preferring, instead, to communicate in hints and innuendos, many of which are just completely impossible to pick up on. Then they get angry when you don’t successfully read their minds and figure out what they want without being told. Ask the average guy what he wants, and he’ll tell you. Ask the average woman what she wants, and she’ll hint around forever until you eventually get it wrong, then hold your failure against you.

There are other problems you’re signing on for when you enter into a relationship with a living woman. Does your girlfriend to be have problems with her family? Ah, nothing is better at the holidays than sitting down to one of those tense, awkward holiday affairs as her family argues, bickers, squabbles, and generally hates on each other. Hope you enjoy that kind of family dynamic, because now you have to put up with it for as long as the two of you are together. Oh, and don’t get too attached to any of her family, because the moment the two of you do break up, all of her family members will forget you exist and stop talking to you (which, in some cases, isn’t necessarily a bad thing). Does your girlfriend to be have money problems, debts, a bankruptcy, or other financial issues? Does she just have bad credit? Well, whether your credit is good or bad, when you sign on for a relationship with a woman, her money problems become yours. Get ready to start emptying the contents of your wallet for her on a regular basis. It’s not going to stop any time soon,.

If you’re the kind of guy who likes to live without undue obligations or strings attached, well, you’re not going to get that in a relationship. There is no such thing, in fact, as a no-strings relationship where most real women are concerned. You will never be able to date them on your terms; you will always have to answer to what they want, what they claim they need, and any clingy obligations they try to put on you. Ask any man who has dated a real woman for any length of time. He will tell you horror stories. He will tell you all about the dates that went wrong, the women who became unreasonable when he tried to break up with them, and even acts of physical violence or vandalism that some of these women took (such as keying his car or even slashing his tires). Women are not easy to get along with. Women are frequently irrational. Women are, most of the time, completely unpredictable. They are exactly the opposite of what any man usually says he is looking for when it comes to having his intimate needs met. Most men just want to fulfill their sexual needs and go on about their lives. They want companionship, sure, and they want intimacy, but they don’t want a lot of irrational hassle. The average relationship, by contrast, is nothing but terrible hassle, and this has been true for as long as relationships have been around.

Companionship When And How You Need And Want It

Your Shopadoll.com lady represents exactly the type of steadfast company you have always dreamed about for your life. When you come home, she will be waiting patiently for you there, ready for when you want to go out again and never complaining. You can be close to her when you are in the mood to be close to someone, but she’s not going to complain to you if you decide you want some space instead. If you have urgent obligations at work that keep you away from home working overtime, or you just want to go out with the guys, she’s not going to mind one single bit. She’s never going to complain when you come home late, she’s never going to be jealous, and she’s never going to add to your stress level. You don’t have to accept any grief or criticism from her in any way. She’ll just sit or lie there in whatever position you left her in, waiting patiently, ready to greet you with her same eager to please expression when you return. Your life could become a very easy one, in which you have the companionship you want but you deal with no hassle and no grief over it.

There’s a reason this sounds so unique to you. It’s because no living woman would ever leave you alone and let you live your life like this. Women, in relationships, are almost completely unable to let a man be a man. They have to exert control, and they have a number of passive-aggressive (and not so passive) techniques for exerting that control. They whine, they complain, they cry, they nag, and they have temper tantrums. They have the power to make your home a miserable place where you no longer get to be happy. This is not an unhealthy relationship we are describing; this is every relationship. Every man, married or not, who lives with a woman knows that it’s like to have the peace of his home disrupted. For example, almost every single man who has been engaged to a woman for anything length of time can tell you a story about the time his fiancée got so mad she returned the ring to him temporarily. That’s just a go-to move that many women seem to have on deck. These commonalities extend across all relationships. A man who has been married 2 years can swap stories with a man who has been married 20 years and they will have things in common. Those things will not be anything good.

Is that what you want? Or would you rather have peace and quiet when you want it? Would you rather live your life on your terms? And would you like to have sex when you are ready to have sex? Your Shopadoll.com sex doll is far more open to new, adventurous, and kinky sex than any real woman will ever be. Because she is a doll, she is exactly as open to new things as you are. She will do absolutely anything you want, whenever you want her to do it. You have the wonderful freedom to enjoy yourself sexually at your pace and on your timetable, indulging yourself in whatever act pleases you most. Your Shopadoll.com sex doll has three usable inputs allowing for most variations of sexual activity. She has a textured mouth that you can use to simulate incredible blowjobs. You can grab the sides of her head, tangle your fingers in her hair, pull her face down over you, and generally have as much fun with her as you have ever wanted to have with a woman in that way.

Your Shopadoll.com sex doll will never say no to anything you want to try with her. She’ll always be happy to do what you want, no matter how adventurous it might be. She’ll never refuse, never change her mind, never change her mind the next morning, and she will never get pregnant. You’ll never catch anything from her and neither of you will never need to head over to the clinic. Anything you want, you can have, because she is completely your possession. This kind of freedom and convenience simply is not possible in a “real” relationship. You could never establish this type of relationship with a real person, nor would it be fair to do so.

The best part about your Shopadoll.com sex doll is that you don’t ever have to worry about losing her. She can’t walk out on you. You don’t have to impress her. Maintaining a relationship with a woman, even a casual relationship, requires constant effort. Your lady will always be checking to see if you still measure up to her ever-changing standards. That means you are like a Hollywood executive, only as good as your latest attempt to please your audience. She will always be looking for an opportunity to upgrade. If you show any signs of weakness, if you displease her in any way, she’ll dump you, and leave you in the lurch. You’ll have no companionship and nothing to show for all the work you’ve put in up to that point. And even in the relationship, at any time, she can deny you access to her body and therefore revoke any chance you have of experiencing physical intimacy unless you want to start cheating on her. Could you live under that type of daily pressure. Would you enjoy being forever tested in that way, knowing a single slip-up is all that separates you from being miserable and alone? Well, stop and ask yourself: Aren’t you just miserable and with someone, when you are with a woman like that? Wouldn’t the type of arrangement you can achieve using a Shopadoll.com sex doll be more to your liking, and wouldn’t it better set you up for success — where success is defined as you having sex when and how you want it, for as long as you want it?

Sex dolls equal freedom. This is the freedom to live as you wish to live, without having your life dragged down by a woman hos is never happy. Your sex doll will never wait for you to walk in the door after work on a Friday night and somberly inform you that the two of you need to talk about your relationship (probably until three in the morning after wasting a perfectly good weekend evening having no fun at all). And your sex doll will never decide to throw you out of the home that you pay for, dumping a selection of your stuff on the front lawn and keeping the rest, because for some reason all women seem to feel entitled to tell a man who to live in his own home. Why is that you can be the one paying the rent, but she somehow feels she can tell you, because she is mad at you, that you have to sleep on the couch? Who exactly put her in charge? Well, there’s an answer to that question. It was you that put her in charge… and only you can decide to depose this particular dictator you created.

Don’t let anyone else run your life for you. She won’t just run your life; she’ll ruin it. That’s what you’ll get out of a “real” relationship. A Shopadoll.com sex doll, by contrast, keeps you company and gives you a tremendous sexual outlet that is very realistic. Our dolls are quite literally the best of all possible worlds when it comes to sex, love, and relationships.

Every straight man desires the company of a beautiful woman. Every straight man wants to enjoy physical intimacy, too. The problem with real relationships, though, is that they create truly real (and really awful) problems. Those problems far outweigh whatever scant sexual gratification you are getting from the relationship in question. Would you like a no-obligation, no-strings attached relationship with the woman of your choice? Well, you’re not going to find that with a real woman. You can, though, find that with a Shopadoll.com sex doll. Your sex doll will ship to you discreetly in packaging that is not identifiable from the outside. The doll will be everything you hoped for… and more. Your sex doll will change your sex life but, more importantly, will also change how you view your sex life and your sexual opportunities. Once you bring one of our dolls home, you will never be the same man. You will be happier, you will be more gratified, and you will be your own man. Take back your romantic life. Take charge of your sexual gratification. Never put up with abuse or nagging or emotional manipulation. It all starts when you contact us. It all starts when you buy a sex doll from Shopadoll.com.

Supplement an Unsatisfactory Sex Life

Are you dating a woman now, or have you dated women in the past? Have you been in relationships with them? If you have, then you know the only too cold reality that is dating a woman. When it comes to sexual activity with any woman, you will end up initiating that sex most of the time. You will also ask for sex far more often than she will actually agree to it. There are certainly exceptions. We all know that woman who complains, or has complained, that her boyfriend isn’t putting it to her adequately. But for the most part, if women discuss these things at all, they are usually proudly or awkwardly telling stories about how they avoided actually putting out. To hear women tell their stories, you would think the most simultaneously adventurous and insulting thing you could possibly do to a woman is dare to suggest that the two of you go somewhere else and have some fun. Women have the same sex drive as men, but for some reason — possibly cultural — they seem to delight in explains the number of different ways they have slipped out of the “noose” of getting caught and feeling somehow obligated or trapped into having sex.

When you stop and think about it, in fact, women’s attitudes towards sex (specifically, not having it) are bizarrely counter-productive. Women enjoy having sex just like men do. Why, then, do they brag to each other about how they managed to avoid having it, or even act offended that a man they are in a relationship with dared to suggest that they do it? This attitude merely furthers the conflict between the sexes while depriving both sides of what they want. It’s as if women, culturally, are willing to deny themselves something they want just so they can claim some kind of victory over men. Regardless of the reason, though, there are a lot of men out there who suffer from less than satisfactory sex lives. They may be having sex with real women, or they may not be. They may be getting too little sex, or they may be getting none at all. Some of these men choose to supplement their sex lives with masturbation, which is ultimately very unfulfilling. Studies have shown that when we are horny we don’t just want to get off; we want to get off with someone. (This is one of the reasons that prison rape is a phenomenon; it is not just about power, in an environment where there are no women, but about the physical intimacy of being with another person.)

Men who go out and try to pick up women face certain very real challenges, driven by changes in society that have occurred over the last several years. It’s gotten to the point that if a man even talks to a woman without first getting her permission to talk to her (there’s some debate about whether he’s not getting permission by asking to get permission before he has permission (and if that made sense to you, well, more power to you). Any time a guy chats up a girl these hypersensitive days, that’s supposed to be “harassment.” A man who feels that sex is a natural human need that he would like to have fulfilled, and who seeks out women to fulfill it with, must feel “entitled” to some kind of ownership over women’s bodies, etc. This is the bill of goods that modern women and modern feminists have sold the rest of us, and most people have responded by having less sex. It’s harder than ever before to meet a woman and romance her into the sack, because something about this is supposed to be offensive. Never you mind that sex used to be something that both sexes enjoyed doing. Where does that leave the average heterosexual man? If he did not have an alternative to “live” female companionship, he would have a tougher time than ever getting the sexual gratification he wants. He would be suffering through a cycle of rejection, each time making him feel less and less confident, each time hurting his masculinity, each time leaving him farther and farther away from his goal. But yes, there is a solution. Yes, there is an answer.

That solution, that answer, is the high-quality sex dolls available from Shopadoll.com. We genuinely believe that our life-sized sex dolls are the best way to combat the mounting feeling of disappointment you might have in your sex life. Are you not getting any, and not finding a willing partner who will give you some? Look through our pages, select the model that you feel is sexiest and most compatible with you, and make your purchase. We will ship your lovely new lady friend right to your door using our discreet packaging and the reliable parcel shipment service we select for her journey. It may seem to you like you are waiting for a friend to visit, and that’s really what is happening. We are sending you a sexy new friend who will fill a very real hole in your life. She will fulfill a need that, in some cases, you may not even really have been aware that you had. Finally have as much sex as you want, when and where you want it, however you like it.

If your sex life is unsatisfactory because you’re with someone, we understand that this can happen too. Maybe the real woman in your life is having health problems or other issues that make her unable or unwilling to have sex. Maybe you are in a relationship where sex simply isn’t a high priority to your partner the way it is for you, and you are determined to remain faithful. Maybe you’re just really horny and, despite a steady diet of short-term relationships and one-night stands, you want something to fill in the gaps between girls. Our sexy sex dolls are the perfect solution to your unsatisfactory sex life. A surprising percentage of our clients are in steady relationships with living women, but want to supplement their sex lives with this perfectly sexy, perfectly safe option. A sex doll is the perfect way to add another “person” to your bedroom without risking making your significant other upset. There really is nothing that our sex dolls can’t do for you, and we hope you see just how high in quality they are. If it’s not obvious to you know, But in order to finally get one in your life, you have to contact us and make your purchase.

Our incredibly high-quality solid sex dolls makes it possible for you to have sex whenever you want it with a beautiful woman who will not say no. If you live alone and can’t find anyone worth being with, if you just don’t want to deal with the hassle of dating, or if you don’t have time for a relationship but are not interested in one-night stands or paid escorts, then one of our sex dolls is absolutely the best way to spice up your love life. The true advantage of a Shopadoll.com sex doll is that you can have her when and where you want her, for as long as you want her, without ever dealing with the messy, complicated business of human relationships. Far from being some kind of signal of surrender, some kind of giving up, this is a wise and forward-thinking move, a way of saying to the world that you will take what you want on your terms. You no longer have to live under the thumb of the women in your life. You no longer have to deal with someone who sometimes acts more like your displeased mother than your girlfriend. Stop dealing with real life relationships and start having glorious, uninhibited sex. All it takes is one of our incredible sex dolls.

So how much would you expect to pay? What makes us one of the best sites on the Internet for buying sex dolls is not just our high levels of product quality, but the negotiated rate at which we offer them. You won’t pay a penny more than you absolutely have to when you shop here. What you also won’t do is pay thousands of dollars for a sex doll, because rare is the client who can actually afford that. It’s too much to ask of any person and we won’t ask it of you. We are all about providing you beautiful, sculpted sex dolls that are friendly to your budget and competitive on the basis of product quality. When you take your sex doll out of the box, you’ll be absolutely amazed with what you purchased.

Another thing that puts us head and shoulders above our competition is that we are a business built on trust and integrity. Not all of our competitors are so well positioned. Some of our competitors sell overpriced, under-quality sex dolls that are not what they are supposed to be. They don’t resemble the pictures that appear on the website and they don’t exhibit even basic attention to detail. If you even get a sex doll from one of these sites, you can consider yourself lucky. That’s because some of the worst rip-off sites sell glorified blow-up dolls that aren’t high quality sex dolls at all. Some unscrupulous doll sellers will pull a bait-and-switch, selling you inferior products that are made to look like something they are not on the company’s website.

By contrast, you may purchase with confidence from Shopadoll.com. While as we explained, small variations in the manufacturing process may make your doll vary slightly from the model pictured, each sex doll that we create is designed to please and manufactured with an eye for detail. You can shop with us and never worry about what is going to show up at your door. If you’re not satisfied with your sex life, you can get the intimate contact you require by purchasing one of our Shopadoll.com girls. Stop living without the sexual gratification and personal intimacy that you desire. Stop settling for less than absolutely beautiful women. Buy from us and you will finally be able to enjoy sex on your terms, when and how you want it. She can never say no, after all. Get one of our sex dolls in your life as soon as you possibly can. We will see to it that our product arrives quickly and discreetly at your location. We promise that you will not be disappointed.

Are You Hypersexual? No problem!

You don’t have to be at all unhappy with your sex life to purchase one of our products. A lot of people who buy from us are perfectly capable of locating their own women to romance. Some are even conducting long-term relationships of their own, and some are still together with their wives. Others are single and enjoying their freedom, dating and having sex with many different women. But for a small subset of these very active men, there are some among them who simply cannot get enough. They are what would be considered “hypersexual,” and they simply need to have more sex than the typical man. They are driven by their desires but otherwise perfectly normal in all other ways.

So, are you hypersexual? Do you need sex a lot? It may be that your partner is more than happy to do it with you every time you would like it, but for whatever reason, you don’t want to keep asking her for it as often. Maybe you think you are asking too much. Or it may be that you know there is only so much you can ask for, after which point your partner cannot go through more. Well, one of our lovely sex dolls is the perfect way to fill the gaps in your sex life when you have a willing partner or partners who simply cannot keep up with you. Using your Shopadoll.com girl, you can get the action you need in between sessions with your real-life partners. This will not only meet your needs, but will also make you a more satisfying partner with your real lady friends, because it will increase your stamina and make it easier for your to please others.

You know how when you go out on a date, if you self-pleasure, you can last longer the next time you have sex (such as with your girl later on that evening). Well, having sex with one of our sex dolls in between sessions with your real-life partners does the same thing. It is the key to making you a truly formidable lover. Talk about having the best of all possible worlds! A sex doll is the best way to have your cake and eat it too when it comes to your very active sex life. Don’t settle for something that is merely good. Get the most out of it with one of our high-quality products.

Improve Your Technique and Stamina

You know that all young men face a kind of paradox: To be desired by women, to be the sort of man who is in demand, you are expected to know a great deal about sex. You have to be good at it, in other words. Every woman wants a man who knows what he is doing in bed, and every woman is more than willing to make fun of a man who is bad in bed. But how is a man expected to get experience, and become better in bed, if he must have that experience in order to get a woman to sleep with him in the first place? Our sex dolls help you break that vicious cycle. With our sex dolls, you can practice your craft and work on your moves. Most importantly, you can work on your stamina. A man who has rarely had sex, or who is having sex for the first time, is likely to last only a short time. But a man who practices with a sex doll can build up his stamina over time, working out how best to stay harder longer so that he can best pleasure his partner. It sounds strange to practice having sex, but what is an experienced lover but a man who has had sex often enough in order to become better at it? Skill with sex isn’t innate. You aren’t boring knowing everything need to know to be great in bed. You’ve got to learn, and the best way to learn a new skill is to practice.

So, what’s it going to be? Are you going to take the plunge? Are you going to become truly great in bed? All you have to do to make this happen this is buy one of our incredible sex dolls and spend time with it. That’s right: We are asking you simply to enjoy yourself the way you already want to do. Get close to your sex doll. Be intimate with it. Practice having sex and build up your stamina. Every woman you are with from that point forward, every living woman, will be grateful for the stamina training you have undertaken. This is why Shopadoll.com is so important to you, to your life, to your lifestyle, and to your future. We can change your sex life for the better. just get in touch with us and give us your order.

A Brief Roundup of Sex Doll Facts

So. You’ve learned all about sex dolls through Shopadoll.com through our website. What have we learned? Let’s review. First, you know that here at Shopadoll.com, we offer the finest quality at the lowest possible price. We keep our prices low by offering manufactured sex dolls that we import from overseas. Each one of these dolls is unique, even when they are the same model name, because of slight variations in the manufacturing process. We are able to offer such a high quality product to you because we have carefully selected our manufacturers and suppliers to keep costs low. We pass these savings onto you and, in so doing, we achieve the best balance possible between high quality, great features, and attention to detail, at the lowest feasible price point. This means our life-sized sex dolls cost a fraction of the cost of the high-end sex dolls that command premium prices to go along with their premium name brands.

Ordering from us is discreet, efficient, and simple. All you have to do is go through the sales pages here on our website and look at our doll listings. We’ve carefully selected the models you see here to offer you the best possible selection of different features. There’s something there for everyone. Pick out the doll who turns you on the most, the one whom you would most like to see in your bed tonight. Then just make a purchase of your doll and we will ship it right to you. We understand the anticipation that comes with knowing your sexy little number is on her way, and we will do everything we can to help you through the shopping process. If you have any questions, concerns, or comments, we hope you will get in touch with us.

Your sex doll represents a way for you to take back your sex life on your own terms. When you own a sex doll from Shopadoll.com, you can finally get the true sexual gratification you desire. You can do so when you want to, as long as you want to, however you want to. Never again will you have to live at the mercy of a woman’s whims. You won’t have to hold any opinion about women and relationships at all, if you don’t want to, because these will be moot points as far as you are concerned. Contact us now and get the ball rolling so we can free you from the tyranny of relationships. It’s time you were free. It’s time you were your own man. It’s time you had as much sex as you like, in whatever position you like, with whomever you like in the form of your sex doll from Shopadoll.com.

What are you waiting for? Our sex dolls are cost-effective and very sexy. They have the looks. They have the curves. They feel real to the touch. And each one of them has a sculpted and textured anus, mouth, and vagina that you can use to pleasure yourself. Add some safe lube and you’ll be good to go. You’ll be amazed at just how good these products feel, and you’ll wonder how you ever got along without them. Once your Shopadoll.com sex doll is part of your life, you’ll be thrilled to share that life with her. You’ll talk to her. She’ll develop a personality in your eyes. And she’ll become everything you ever hoped a sex doll could be. This is the promise we offer and the respect that we have for you, the client.

Our devotion to your confidentiality is total, so you can always buy with confidence from us. We’ve done the hard work so that you don’t have to. Stop torturing yourself by shopping at lesser stores. Stop worrying about wasting hundreds of dollars on a product that might or might not be what it claims to be. Don’t put yourself through the hassle of buying a many-thousand-dollar top-end sex doll only to realize you could have done almost as well with nothing spent. Shopadoll.com is your number one outlet and the best place on the Internet to purchase solid sex dolls. You’ve never touched or felt or held anything quite like what we offer, at least not at these prices. We are not kidding when we say you will be amazed by what we have been able to put together.

We are not just sex doll purveyors. We are also sex doll clients. We live and breathe everything we do. We won’t sell you anything that we would not also gladly use ourselves. That’s the respect that we have for you, and that’s the guarantee that we make to you. Buy with confidence from us and finally get the sexual gratification you have been looking for. There is no better time to shop than now. Don’t delay. Every minute you waste is a minute your beautiful sex doll is not curled up in your bed. Come to us now and let us hook you up with the gorgeous sex doll of your dreams. Shopadoll.com products are the sex dolls that dreams are made of. Contact Shopadoll.com today. Become our client!





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